Workout with Me and Shaun T! Get Strong, Safe & Sexy in 19 Minutes

It’s opposites day! In this workout video I lead Shaun T, Insanity and Asylum creator and fitness guru, through my Strong, Safe & Sexy Workout! In less than 20 minutes I got Shaun T sweating hard.

IMG_1610We punch, kick, squat and stretch for a mini-complete martial arts-inspired workout. I even lead you through a quick moving, breathing meditation at the end to help reset your mind and get you focused for your day.

This quick workout will blast calories and strengthen your lower body, upper body and your core. At the same time, you get to work on your flexibility which is SO important, especially as we get older to help prevent injury.

I had such a great time with Shaun filming this video! I hadn’t seen him since we filmed the last episode of My Diet is Better Than Yours in Atlanta and it was an awesome reunion, complete with a podcast (coming later). Please tune in to ABC at 9pm Thursday, January 28th to see how that turns out!

The Strong, Safe & Sexy plan is what I used to help my client lose weight in the ABC weight loss competition show, My Diet is Better Than Yours. Try the workout below for free and if you want more you can checkout my Strong, Safe & Sexy workouts in my shop to download to your computer and have forever.

Come workout with me and Shaunt T and get Strong, Safe & Sexy in 19 minutes: