Get Strong, Safe & Sexy with Jennifer Cassetta!

Have you been inspired by ABC’s new weight loss competition show, My Diet is Better Than Yours?

I hope so! I know it can be tough to pick what kind of diet would work best for you, but if you’ve landed here, my guess is you have an interest in one of the following:

  1. Eating less meat and more plants. When you see bacon, you think of the pig that it comes from, not just a fried strip of fat.
  2. You’d like to decrease the amount of inflammation in your body. Perhaps you have arthritis or would like to avoid Heart Disease and not feed cancer cells in your body.
  3. You want to take on a diet as a lifestyle, not have to starve yourself or put your body in a ketogenic state which becomes unsustainable for long term weight loss and health.
  4. Boost your confidence from the inside out! The Strong, Safe & Sexy workouts make you more powerful by the nature of the moves as well as building lean muscle mass throughout your body.

The Strong, Safe & Sexy Meal Plans come in a variety of options because, as a clinical nutritionist who’s worked with thousands of clients, not one way of eating works for every person. People have strong likes, dislikes, religious beliefs, spiritual beliefs, allergies or intolerances that makes each person’s diet unique.

Strong, Safe & Sexy Pescatarian and Gluten Free from My Diet is Better Than Yours
Strong, Safe & Sexy Gluten Free
Strong, Safe & Sexy Paleo Light
Strong, Safe & Sexy Vegan

If you would like more personal help, I am still taking on clients for nutriton counseling via Skype or phone. You can get more info here!