Drop the F Word

You might be thinking, Girl – I heard you drop the F bomb on national TV!

Well, you would be right. I did do that on ABC’s weight loss competition show, My Diet is Better Than Yours. But, the F word I am talking about here is different. It’s the word that way too many of us (mostly women) use to describe ourselves.

We put ourselves down, especially when we are talking about ourselves to a group of girlfriends. The word is FAT.

YOU ARE NOT FAT. You may have some excess fat on your body, but please do not keep using this as a way to define yourself. The words we use to describe ourselves become automatic when we use them enough. Our subconscious minds pick up on that repetition and pretty soon your mind and your body are going to prove yourself right! So, if you want to reverse this cyclical behavior, watch the video below and then leave a comment if you’re with me.

So, let’s make a pact. From now on let’s all Drop the F Word! Check out my Strong, Safe & Sexy tip video of the week: