Strong, Safe & Sexy Valentine’s Day Giveaway

I’m doing another HUGE giveaway! I love Valentine’s Day because I love LOVE and I love chocolate. So, I’ve teamed up with my favorite chocolatier, Lake Champlain Chocolates.

I am also balancing out the tasty treats with some other goodies and altogether this is a Strong, Safe & Sexy Valentine’s Day Giveaway!


The Hear Me Roar book is a guidebook to keep your mind strong as you venture out on your own. With self confidence exercises and safety tips for dating and beyond this book keeps you not just strong, but safe too!  I am the co-author, so I may be biased, so I’ve included a review from a reader on Amazon below:

Parents, make this your #1 Stocking Stuffer gift for your beloved high school or college student. This is the perfect book for all college aged women, packed full of empowering words, self-defense moves, social awareness advise, smart social media tips and even chocolate pudding recipes! It’s like a Ninja Handbook for your daughters!!

Find more info on: Hear Me Roar: How to Defend Your Mind, Body and Heart Against People Who Suck


Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 7.41.39 PMThis personal alarm from Sabre is a must have. Add it to your keyring, and carry your keys when you are heading out on the town, in a parking garage, out for a run, or anytime that you are alone and feeling unsafe. If needed, you pull the pin and an alarm will sound up to 300 feet, hopefully scaring off your attacker or getting the attention of someone nearby to help.






Chocolate? Yes dark chocolate is a safe treat to have even if you are on a weight loss journey. The darker the better to get more antioxidants into your body, with less of the sugar. So, I chose two awesome products for the giveaway:

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 7.33.09 PMThe Dark Chocolate Library, so you are stocked up on dark chocolate for a few months! Having a square or two a day will still keep you on track and satisfy your cravings. The bars range from 54 to 72% cacao and are all different flavors.







Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 7.20.41 PMUnsweetened Cocoa Powder to make a cozy cup of my Vegan Mexican Hot Chocolate or my Vegan Chocolate Mousse. Use the powder, sweeten yourself and you can still enjoy healthy chocolate treats!

Why is Lake Champlain my favorite? They use fair trade certified chocolate, no-GMOs, no preservatives, local dairy from a 5th generation Vermont farm, local butter from Vermont Creamery and they are DELICIOUS. When I splurge I always try to go for the highest quality ingredients.

The Strong, Safe & Sexy Valentine’s Day giveaway is valued at over $70! You have until Sunday, February 7th at midnight to enter to win. One lucky winner will be selected randomly. You must live in the United States to win.

Here’s how to enter to win:Valentine Giveaway

  1. Leave a comment below saying why you would love this prize pack and why it’s important to you.
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UPDATE: CONTEST NOW CLOSED. Winner has username: @nikk_k_l on Instagram. Please contact me through the contact page to claim all of your prizes. Congratulations!