Top Fitness and Wellness Trends for 2017

As we wrap up 2016 and start to usher in a new year, it’s pretty cool to look ahead and see what’s trending and what we will hear more about. Below is an excerpt from a Huffington Post blog that I was featured in called, Top Fitness and Wellness Experts Reveal What Will Be Big in 2017.

Jennifer Cassetta, a nutrition, fitness and self-defense expert who often appears on shows like “Today” and “The Doctors,” advises women to make this the year they learn to defend themselves. “I believe every woman should learn at least the basics of self-defense,” Cassetta says. “One in three women globally will be the victim of some kind of violence, and in the United States the statistic is closer to one in five. It makes sense for us to be teaching young girls how to protect themselves and for women of all ages to review these techniques throughout their lifetime.”

matcha latteMatcha. Matcha. Matcha. The Japanese powdered green tea will be everywhere in 2017, according to a number of the fitness and food experts with whom we spoke. Sarah Adler of Simply Real Health says that she thinks we’ll all be mad for matcha because it has the “healthy antioxidants, metabolism boost and healthy goodness of green tea, minus the caffeine spike and crash.” Adler’s recipe for a Matcha Latte can be found on her blog.

If you haven’t already tried a HIIT workout, then 2017 may just be your year to give it a go. HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training and includes bursts of vigorous exercise alternating with recovery times. Mark Goodman, founder of Cardio High, says that interval-training workouts are more efficient, which means more overall exercise benefits with less time in the gym. “There is an increasing volume of scientific evidence that shows if you can go all out for one minute a day, that would equal 45 minutes of light jogging in terms of health benefits,” Goodman says. “People now understand that they can get a good workout in less time, and are looking to the future of the fitness industry to find creative classes and formats to achieve that.”

screen-shot-2016-12-30-at-10-40-07-amHaley Canning of the blog Nourish Your Glow tells us we’ll be hearing a lot about hygge (pronounced hue-gah). The mysterious word is Danish and it describes a warm, cozy feeling one gets from taking pleasure in the simple and ordinary. “Many wellness trends have been restrictive and focused on removing things from your diet or life,” Canning says. “The concept of eating well and living a positive life is something I’m passionate about, but feeling guilty over eating a slice of cake or worrying how clean an item is does not. With hygge, the idea is to feel emotionally calm and connected. Everyone has their own variation of it, and there are no rules as long as what you do makes you happy. The idea here is to have to these things more and make them a daily practice.”

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Happy New Year!