Who Wants $100 Worth of Free Groceries?

Awesome giveaway alert! (read til’ the end for details on how to win $100 worth of FREE GROCERIES)

I love to travel. I also love coming home after a long trip. Recently, I came across an awesome life hack that has me feeling happy and healthy when I get home and saves me from an empty fridge and destined to get take out.

Milk and Eggs is an online grocery store that delivers right to your doorstep and has great products! So, the day that I am traveling back home to Los Angeles, I can go online and order my week’s worth of groceries, go to sleep in my own bed and wake up to their adorable yellow bag chock full of healthy ingredients.

Milk and Eggs carries so many of the brands that I already use AND they are cheaper than if you buy those same foods at Whole (Paycheck) Foods. Speaking of milk and eggs, they carry all kinds of milk alternatives and my favorite brand of pastured eggs and grass fed butter, Vital Farms. Good news for all of you Bulletproof coffee fans! All of the produce comes straight from farms.

So, what does $100 worth of groceries look like? Well for me, a pescatarian, I bought and made things like:

Sprouted corn tortillas, organic mozzarella cheese and butternut squash to make roasted butternut squash quesadillas for you sweet and salty fans. They were delicious and would be a big hit for kids too.





I roasted my Brussel Sprouts with dried cranberries and macadamia nuts and served those as a side dish.

My collard greens were chopped up into a gluten-free pasta dish with fresh pesto from Domenico’s Foods.


I eat an average of 2 Vital Farms eggs per day, sometimes with a corn tortilla to sop up the healthy yolks.

I snack on apples with Justin’s peanut butter or Cabo chips with the garlic basil dip from Brother’s that is out of this world!

I even bought a piece of Halibut that I baked the night of my delivery with fresh basil and lemon.



To top off most meals, I add a dollop of Farmhouse Culture’s kraut  and drink 1/2 bottle of Healthade Kombucha for the gut-friendly probiotics.

PS – I now use Milk and Eggs on weeks that I don’t travel too! Check out their site to see what you can get for $100.

Right now, they only service Los Angeles and Orange County. So, if you live in that area, you can enter to win $100 worth of FREE GROCERIES!!!



Contest rules:

  1. Comment below on why you think it would be awesome to win.
  2. Winner will be chosen at random.
  3. Again, winner must live in Los Angeles or Orange County.
  4. Contest will run for 1 week, ending on Tuesday, May 23rd at midnight.

Can’t wait to try? Brand new users can get $20 off an order of $40 or more by using code “JENNCASS” at checkout.