Just Launched: 5 Weeks to a Strong, Safe & Sexy Transformation

Are you tired of “trying” to lose weight, get fit, and feel like a badass in your body?

Have you tried dieting only to gain back the weight you lost plus more?

If this sounds like you and you are sick and tired of struggling to feel good in your skin, do not give up on yourself!

Together, we got this.

Let me help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals. With a mixture of science, love and over 15 years of working with clients, I will help coach you to a healthier lifestyle and badass body, that you won’t ever want to give up on.

Why does my approach work?

Because, together we tackle the emotional and physical aspects of weight loss. You can’t have lasting results without addressing both.

My mission is to help you feel more strong, safe and sexy.
Strong: both emotionally and physically.
Safe: from lifestyle related disease as well as safe from harm.
Sexy: boost your inner confidence so you become that person that turns heads when you enter a room.

No gimmicks or fads. No juice cleanses, starvation diets or anything that your body cannot sustain.

We WILL be building a healthy lifestyle that will release your inner BADASS!

You WILL BE transforming your habits and your choices to be in alignment with your goals.

You WILL feel more confident in your body and in your soul!

Throughout the 5 Week Strong, Safe & Sexy Transformation you will:

Discover your limiting beliefs and what’s been holding you back from a life and body of your dreams.
Crush your cravings.
Reboot your gut from the inside out to enhance digestion.
Add new foods to your diet that will help balance blood sugar levels and aid in weight loss.
Learn how to work with your hormones, not against them.
Create a kick-ass fitness plan that increases your fat-burning mechanisms.
Lose unwanted fat.
Sleep deeper and wake up rested.
Boost your immune system so you will have more free time.
Learn emotional secrets to feeling more powerful than ever before.
Increase your confidence and feel like an utter BADASS!

When you work with me, you’re getting more bang for your buck! I’m a clinical nutritionist and health coach with over 15 years of experience. I’ve traveled the world as a personal trainer to VIP clients and have managed test groups for major fitness companies to make sure they get their “before and after” results. I’ve trained in self development work over the last 17 years and learned from the best “self-help gurus”. I also had a chance to debut my Strong, Safe & Sexy plan on ABC-TV’s reality weight loss show, My Diet is Better Than Yours.

Now, I want to work with you!

WHAT YOU GET when you enroll in the 5 Week Strong, Safe & Sexy Transformation:

1. Five Live Online Classes with Moi: (45 minutes each) Don’t worry if you miss one, you will be able to watch a recorded version. You’ll be sent a link to click on and watch from your laptop.

The dates for the classes are:
June 15th, June 22nd, June 29th, July 13th and July 20th

2. Homework and weekly motivational emails to keep you engaged in the process.

3. Access to the Strong, Safe & Sexy Transformation Private Facebook Support Groupwhere you can connect with me and other members for support.

And…. BONUS*** (if you enroll by June 3rd):

-An autographed copy of Hear Me Roar book:                                                                          $14.95
-Access to all 5 Strong, Safe & Sexy Workouts                                                                           $29.95
-Two 21-Day Meal Plans (your choice of vegan, gluten-free, paleo light or pescatarian) $39.90
Stilettos & Self Defense Video Pack                                                                                           $39.95

And….. a 30 minute private coaching call with me:                                                                  $125

Total bonus value:                                                                                                                 $250 for FREE!

How much does this program cost?

Just $375 (if you register before June 3rd!)
That’s way less than hiring a personal trainer and/or a nutritionist to work with privately. It’s about the cost of a pair of jeans, stilettos and a fancy dinner out, which you will feel way better buying yourself AFTER you have conquered your confidence and shed the baggage.

In order to work closely with the group I will be limiting the number of participants as it will fill up quickly. To reserve your spot, head to this page, click on “Add to Cart”, “View cart”, then head to checkout page. Once registered, I will send you a personal welcome email with more details.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask me through my Contact page.

If you are ready to register, just head over here. 

I’m looking forward to working with you!