Clean Beauty Product Giveaway: Well Within

Who wants to win some luxury clean beauty products?

The more I learn about scary chemicals that are in so many of our daily products, the more I want to clean up my beauty routine to protect not only my skin but my entire body. Slowly but surely, I have been replacing products with harmful chemicals with clean, safe and cruelty-free products.

That’s why I am so excited to partner with Well Within beauty for this incredible giveaway in honor of the changing season.

Well Within is a lux line of plant-based beauty products that is rich in organic ingredients and phytonutrients to nourish the skin. Their products are free from parabens, petroleum, formaldehyde, GMOs, artificial dyes, and so much more. My favorite fun fact is that Well Within develop and produce their products according to EU guidelines which is way more strict than our FDA.

Our giveaway for a welcome back to fall includes the following 2 products:

Nourish + Protect Antioxidant Moisturizer ($200 value)

Depuff + Illuminate Eye Firming Complex ($175 value)

That’s a $375 value of amazing products! Scroll to the end of this article for giveaway details and instructions on how to enter.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ and it soaks up and absorbs everything we rub into it. So, when cleaning up your beauty products it’s important to see what’s in them and not just listen to the claims of what they can do. Sure, a product marketing team can tell us that this cream can tighten and firm skin while giving you a more youthful appearance. But, at what cost? Many beauty products on the market contain chemicals that are linked to endocrine disruption, weight gain and even cancer. Let’s take a look at some of those nasty chemicals to look out for:

Pthalates: found in moisturizers, deodorants, perfumes and hairsprays. Pthalates are known endocrine disruptors that are linked to increased breast cancer risk, reproductive birth defects in males and females and early breast development in girls.

Worth it? HELL NO!

Parabens: found in facial cleansers, shampoos and deodorants. Parabens contain estrogen-mimicking properties that can increase risk of breast cancer.

Worth it? NO WAY!

Toluene: found in nail polish, nail treatments, hair color/bleaching products. Expecting a baby? Toluene vapors are strong enough to thin paint and can cause developmental harm to a developing fetus.


Formaldehyde: found in nail polish, cleansers and body washes. This is a human carcinogen (cancer-causing agent) and can weaken the immune system.

Worth it? NOPE!

Sunscreen chemicals: chemicals such as PABA, avobenzone, benzophenone, homosalate and echoxycinnmate are found in popular sunscreen formulas and can cause cellular damage and cancer.

Worth it? Not a chance!

That is why I trust my face with Well Within beauty products and I want you to try them too!

Here is how you can win $375 worth of clean beauty products for your face:

  1. Comment below and let us know why you love plant based skincare, want to start cleaning up your skincare routine or simply why you NEED to get your hands on this amazing Clean Beauty Product Giveaway by Well Within.
  2. Do this by September 26th, 2017 at 12pm EST.
  3. A winner will be chosen at random and contacted directly.
  4. For more chances to win, head to my Instagram and be sure to follow me plus Well Within Beauty and find the picture giveaway on my account. Like it, comment and tag a friend who may want to win as well.

Good luck to you all!