Emotional Self Defense From the Streets to the Boardroom

Self defense isn’t always about physically defending yourself. Self defense starts in the mind.

Workplace harassment and sexual assault have both made huge headlines recently; but it’s not just typical bullying and assault that we need to protect ourselves from. In order to preserve your power and positivity on a daily basis, we need to also defend ourselves from people, places or things that suck and drain our energy. Our energy is precious and it can’t be wasted on these external forces.

I know back when I was personal training, I definitely had a moment or two when I knew clients were about to cross the line into harassment, indecency or bullying. I’ve had a male client sexually harass me and a female client try and bully me. I use the word try, because I shut down the behavior before it became the norm. Those incidents were very minor but gave me a chance to express my boundaries in a powerful way. I’m actually thankful for those situations because it helped me grow into a stronger and more badass form of myself. Saying NO and teaching people how to treat you, can be very empowering!

Over time, I realized that teaching physical self defense just isn’t complete without talking about emotional defense techniques first. So, now when I speak at conferences or corporations I always start with the ABC’s of self defense to help create a strong, safe and confident mindset. These emotional self defense techniques can help you become more aware of situations and people’s energies and intentions, set boundaries and communicate them in a powerful way.

In this short video I made for Entrepreneur.com, learn the ABC’s of emotional self defense and how to put them into practice. I’ll even give you a quick idea of what weapons you have on your body, just in case you had to use them to physically defend yourself.