Setting Boundaries Like a Mofo!

Have you ever felt like someone was trying to take advantage of you, your time or your kindness? We’ve all been there!

Unfortunately, not everyone realizes what our boundaries are or respects them. So, I made this video to show you that there are essentially two ways to set boundaries in both personal and professional relationships.

You can either:

Create distance and accessibility from that person.


Verbally confront and communicate your boundaries.

There are many different ways and techniques to confront someone who is overstepping your boundaries and I give you a couple of options and examples in the video below.

So, this is for:

  • the negative person in your life that is complaining about EVERYthing.
  • the person who touches your hand, knee, shoulder inappropriately
  • the person who speaks to you in a condescending tone
  • the person who is downright rude to you
  • the person who is taking advantage of your time
  • the person who is taking advantage of your kindness
  • the person who is emotionally abusive
  • the person who is physically abusive (if this is the case, please seek help. There are resources for this like the National Domestic Violence Hotline, RAINN, the police and your friends and family. Trust me, people want to help you!)

Most importantly, this video is for YOU! Once you start to stick up for yourself, your time and your power, you will start to feel more confident. It’s a practice, just like anything else in life. We get better at it the more we do it.

You also will start to feel like one bad MOFO!

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