In Response to Women Sharing All the Things They Do to Stay Safe While Running

In a recent article on Buzzfeed News, they are highlighting a thread that went viral of women sharing all the things they do to stay safe while running and it’s both heartbreaking and eye opening.

Yup. The reality of women being out alone while running, hiking, walking, eating, commuting and breathing is very different than that of most men. Amanda Deibert’s thread on Twitter started to go viral and the responses are definitely read-worthy. Women share that they run carrying knives, pepper spray, alarms, whistles or their dogs, in order to feel safe while being out and about.

One woman even carries a hammer. Pretty sure nobody messes with her.

Men are learning a lot from it too. Specifically, that our experiences of being and feeling safe are inherently different.

I made this video in response to the buzz, to help more people feel strong, safe and powerful. Here are some mental self defense techniques that we can use to avoid danger when possible and assert ourselves when we need to.

Please share this with women and anyone you think can benefit from it.