2019 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s my favorite post of the year where I get to share products that I love, that I have and that I want with you to give you gifting inspo for the loved ones in your life. Here is my 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for all the She Warriors in your life.

She Warrior Tank Tops: This year I was on a mission to rebrand my self defense programs, my talks and my overall messaging. She Warrior was born out of this desire to empower women who have been through major life challenges and have made it through to the other side. When life knocks them down, they get back up over and over again, each time feeling stronger physically, mentally and spiritually. They, you, me: WE are She Warriors. Tanks come in black, white and grey. ($27.95)

Knockout Rings: Jewelry with a cause and KickAss purpose! This woman founded jewelry line is near and dear to my heart because I know the founder Kate, and we share the same mission of empowering women to feel strong and safe.

Knockout Rings are designed for self defense. That’s right. If anyone tries to mess with you, the knockout rings pack an extra (and painful) punch.

The Knockout TKO ring in lucite is super affordable ($40) and comes in so many cool colors to match any outfit and manicure. If you want to splurge on your badass honey, the rings also come in real silver, gold and rose gold.

Invisawear Keychain: Since we are on the keeping-women-safe mission, I’d love to tell you about a jewelry meets technology company that makes products that help you discreetly alert help when you are in danger. Another female-founded company on a mission to empower women to take control of their personal safety.

The pieces are brilliantly designed and if you press the button on the piece, it will immediately text up to 5 of your emergency contacts to alert them of your exact address. It also has the option of calling 911 for you when you are in an emergency. The best part: NO monthly fees! I have both the keychain and the necklace and I think this is the perfect gift for the female college student or woman who lives on her own.

Chasing The Bright Side: an uplifting book by my friend and fellow speaker Jess Ekstrom. Jess started a give back company while she was in college called Headbands of Hope. For every headband sold, one is given to a child in a hospital.

In Chasing the Bright Side, Jess shares her stories of start up to success, laughs at her mistakes along the way and inspires people with an entrepreneurial spirit. Grab this book for any inspiring entrepreneur, anybody with a dream of starting a business or side hustle or just someone that could use a boost of optimism! Better yet, throw in a headband too! (just over $19 on Amazon)

BeautyCounter Lip Jellies:BeautyCounter is my new favorite makeup and skincare line. I have been on a personal mission to reduce the amount of dangerous chemicals and hormone disruptors from my daily products. Do you know that many lipsticks actually still contain lead and anytime you apply it on your lips you’re actually ingesting a heavy metal? BeautyCounter is not only heavy metal free but also free of other hormone disrupting chemicals like phthalates and parabens.

They have so many great clean beauty products. I use the Dew Skin tinted moisturizer ($45) most days and I love the Overnight Resurfacing Peel ($63) that leaves my skin feeling so soft and fresh. These lip jellies ($39) are a great gift for any woman or girl who likes a light tinted lip and is a conscious beauty consumer.

Corkcicle Stemless Travel Cup: It was made with wine in mind, but great for any beverage you want to keep either hot or cold. It holds heat for 3 hours and keeps your wine chilled for over 9 hours. I have been using mine in the mornings for my coffee or smoothie when I’m running late. I’ve also used my set of 2 for sunset watching down at the beach with a cheeky glass of rosé. ($24.95)

Homesick National Park Candle Collection: Who doesn’t love a good, toxin free candle these days? Made of soy, these candles burn clean and are the perfect gift for your travel obsessed friend.

If they love national parks, Homesick makes a line that includes scents from Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and Great Smoky Mountains parks. If not, you can get one from your friend’s home city to burn when they are feeling homesick. I definitely want the Yosemite one! Available on their own site and Amazon.com (about $30).

Saje Wellness Essential Oil Roll Ons: I’m a big convert to essential oils. I love this brand’s convenient roll on application for when I’m traveling. Before a speaking gig, I use Peppermint Halo on my head for an instant pick me up. I use the lavender blend before bed, before taking off on an airplane or anytime I’m stressed. I use pain release when my neck is tight and achy from stress.

This handy pack comes with 5 of their most popular blends to help support overall wellness. $65 gets you all 5 plus the handy travel pack. You can also buy them separately or an oil diffuser for your home.

She Warrior Coffee Mugs: We all know a She Warrior in our lives. But does she LOVE coffee? Every time she picks up her new mug she will be reminded of what a total badass she is. ($17.95)

Athleta Salutation Stash Pocket Tight: my favorite pair of leggings that I wear to the gym, coffee and working from home. They last forever, they suck you in and they have handy side pockets for your cell phone if you’re running or biking to the gym. These tights are a great gift for any woman who like to workout, do yoga or brunch in their athleisure.