How to Spot Disordered Eating & What To Do

A Webinar for Parents

with Clinical Nutritionist and Health Coach, Jenn Cassetta

“Hunger was easier to feel than my emotions.”

A 16 year old girl said this to me in a recent one-on-one nutrition consultation. It was DEEP. She had worked through her disordered eating issues to finally get to a place where she eats 3 healthy, balanced meals a day and feels happy doing it. Her moods are better, her energy levels are higher and overall her body image and self worth have improved.

I’ve been working with teenagers (age 13-19) for the past eight years at a facility that treats people with a host of mental health disorders that range from depression and anxiety to eating disorders. As the nutritionist there, I’ve spoken to hundreds of clients and noticed patterns over time. These patterns help me form my coaching techniques and will be the basis of this webinar to help parents prevent future problems and improve the physical health and mental wellbeing of their children.

Whether it’s restrictive eating, binging on junk food, skipping meals or low body image, it is weighing on your kid, more than you know. It affects their physical and mental health and can worsen conditions like anxiety, depression, low self esteem and body image issues.

I’ll share with you how to spot disordered eating and what to do about them.

This webinar is for you if:

  • You have a child within the age range of 10-18 (girls especially, but boys too!)
  • You want said child to have a healthy relationship to food and her/his body
  • You want to make sure you are providing the right messaging and structure around nutrition and wellbeing

This webinar is not for you if:

  • You are not willing to look at your own relationship to food and habits

What we’ll cover:

  • What are unhealthy/disordered eating behaviors and how to spot them
  • Why kids develop these behaviors
  • The most common mistakes parent’s make
  • How to support your teen in making healthy changes

Date: Tuesday, August 4th

Time: 10am PT/ 1pm ET
The webinar will run 1 hour long and I will stick around to answer questions for 15 minutes after the hour.

Location: Zoom. After registering below, I will send you the Zoom link. The webinar will be recorded and the link will be sent to you if for some reason you cannot make the webinar.

Investment: $40

Space is limited. Please register below via PayPal to hold your spot.

Non-refundable. You will be able to view the recorded webinar afterward if you miss the live version.

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