My Top 4 Tips for Realtor Safety Month

September is Realtor Safety Month. Usually, I’d be on the road speaking to real estate professionals around the country on the topic of personal safety and self defense.

Due to the cancellation of conferences and in person gatherings, I wanted to make sure we still raise awareness and speak about the inherent risk that goes along with one of the coolest jobs. Being a successful realtor means you will be meeting with strangers, in stranger’s homes or commercial spaces on a regular basis.

This can lead to leaving yourself vulnerable to crimes that include: assault (verbal or physical), theft (your belongings or your client’s belongings) and worse.

Keeping personal safety at the forefront of your mind, will keep you alert and aware when doing your job. Personal safety starts with a mindset and includes practices that should become habit over time. These habits will help you avoid danger, stay safe and feel empowered and confident so you can show up to a client meeting or showing like the expert that you are!

Here are my top 4 tips for Realtor Safety Month from me, a self defense expert.

Summarized here:

  1. Adopt a detective mindset.
  2. Secure all boundaries (exits and entrances).
  3. Communicate clearly and powerfully.
  4. De-escalate and defend. Learn how to protect yourself mentally and physically. Carry some type of self defense tool like the Sabre pepper spray featured in this video.

If you’re ready to learn more hands on self defense training, head to my online training course She Warrior Self Defense.

You’ll have access to over 24 short lessons that you can practice over and over again until you have embodied your moves and feel like a badass!