3 Ways We (Women) Give Our Power Away

Power. It’s my favorite subject. Let’s talk more about it.

You were born with an innate power to protect yourself and to expand into an empowered being. 

Over time this power can leak out of us if we’re not carefully aware to plug up those holes where we have let our power seap out of us, little by little. 

We give our power away in our personal and professional lives in the following 3 ways: 

1. We give power to our past. Our past failures, offenders and disappointments. We lament over things we should have, could have or would have done differently. We get caught in a downward spiral and our power and positivity gets drained from our present and future.

There’s no power in the past. There is only power in the now and what you’d like to create for your future. 

2. We give our power away by making everyone else a priority but us. We put everyone’s needs before our own and as a result our health and happiness take a back seat. (Welcome to the no-fun-zone where workouts get skipped and we seek immediate pleasure from binging on chocolate and Bridgerton.)

Pleasing our partners, kids, bosses, family members and friends becomes our priority rather than our nutrition, exercise, sleep, career and passions. We do that and we can change that by making ourselves priority numero uno again.

3. We give our power away when we don’t use our voice because we think our ideas don’t matter or that there’s nobody really listening anyway… so what’s the point?

We don’t speak up in meetings, we stop raising our hands to ask questions, we don’t communicate our boundaries, we allow someone else to manage our finances or make important life decisions on our behalf even when they don’t seem like the right thing to do.

I’m here to remind you that Your voice is powerful and YOUR VOICE MATTERS

Whether you’re speaking to your kids or board members, learning to speak in a powerful way is a skill that can be learned just like learning to cook.

Recipe: A cup of posture + a pinch of inflection in your voice + a heaping spoonful of content created in a way that speaks to all kinds of people = POWERFUL COMMUNICATION SKILLS.

Those are just 3 ways we (women) give our power away. I’ll be writing more about how we take it back when we’re ready.

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