Best Self Defense Tools Every Woman Should Own

Women’s History Month (March) along with International Women’s Day (March 8th) is a great time of year to celebrate the accomplishments of empowered women. To remember how far we’ve come from not having voting rights, or still needing a man to co-sign on a credit card (up until 1974), gender equality has come along way in many, but not all parts of the world.

However, I’m writing this to remind us that there’s still a long way to go for women in this world when it comes to safety. 1 in 3 women globally will be the victim of sexual violence, according to the World Health Organization. With statistics like that it’s fair to say that we all know someone in our lives that has been a victim of abuse, if not ourselves.

I write this article not to fear monger, but to bring awareness to what is. And until those statistics change, we can heighten our awareness to potential threats in a way that feels EMPOWERING and not PARANOID. We can remember our strengths and not focus on our weaknesses. We can be prepared for battle and still expect and demand safety and peace. We shouldn’t NEED to think about our safety, but we can choose to walk through this world with eyes wide open.

Check out the best self defense tools every woman should own.

Invisawear smart jewelry

InvisaWear creates safety devices that look like everyday accessories that include: bracelets, necklaces, athletic bands, scrunchies, and keychains! The products have a hidden button on the back that when clicked two times alerts 5 people you’re in trouble and need help with a link to your GPS location, and can contact 9-1-1. It also works internationally! No monthly fees or subscriptions are required.

Invisawear jewelry is the perfect gift for your daughter going off to college, your niece who lives alone and your mom or Grandma who could use it for a medical emergency as well.

I personally own the keychain and a necklace and love partnering with this brand. They recently partnered with ADT the #1 name in security!

Prices range from $129 – $249. For 10% off, use code: SHEWARRIOR at checkout.

She Warrior Self Defense Online Training

There is no greater self defense tool than your mind, body and spirit. I created the She Warrior Self Defense online course in pre-pandemic days but it has been more invaluable than ever. With in person training shut down in most areas, you can still learn the basics of self defense from the comfort of your own home.

Once purchased you’ll have forever access to 20 easy-to-follow videos to learn how to strike your way out of grabs, holds and from the floor fighting. It includes 2 bonus kickboxing videos (to get your sweat on) and a moving meditation to ground yourself too.

She Warrior Self Defense was voted the best online self defense classes of 2021 for women by VeryWellFit.

Register for just $67 here.

SABRE Clip On Personal Alarm

These clip on alarms make it easy to arm yourself with a noise annoying enough to scare off any attacker or alert a bystander when you’re in danger. The alarm can be heard up to 300 feet away!

I clip it on my sneaker, pants pocket or on my backpack.

Price: $14.99 at or found on other online retailers like the Zon.

The Solo Female Travel Safety Index

is like a TripAdvisor for safety by destination. It ranks 210 countries and regions around the world on 7 safety variables: UK and US travel advisories, the Global Peace Index, Risk of scam, Risk of theft, Risk of harassment and Attitudes towards Women. 

The first three variables come from third party organizations and relate to travel safety in general, while the last 4 are crowdsourced from the personal experiences of other solo female travelers and are specific to women traveling solo. Why the index is useful:

  1. It gives you travel specific safety tips from other solo female travelers, so it is relatable and relevant to the female solo experience, not just to the travel experience as a whole
  2. You can find the safest destinations to travel as a woman, for a first solo trip, in case you are starting out
  3. It tells you the potential scams and the things to consider and prepare for.


The TKO Knockout Ring

Founded with the intention of empowering women to feel safe, Knockout is a collection of discreet and accessible safety rings. The rings are designed with a versatile edge that transitions from sleek to sharp for a worst case scenario.

“Though Kate Davis doesn’t market her jewelry as weapons per-se, they certainly provide wearers with peace of mind, which, in many cases, is more than enough. For Davis, the issue isn’t necessarily whether or not women should have to buy products to stay safe — of course they shouldn’t. Instead, it’s about women having the option to choose what’s right for them.”

I love my Knockout rings as a reminder that I am strong, I am powerful and I am enough. And that a quick flip of my fingers my trendy ring can make a pointy edge!

Prices range from $30 (for the lucite version) to $150 (for precious metals). Readers can use code: selfdefense25 for 25% off site wide! You’re welcome 😉

RunBuddy Safety App

The RunBuddy safety app is designed to keep runners, hikers, & cyclists safer while out on the road or trail, and give their loved ones peace of mind.

The user can choose up to 5 buddies to receive notifications for every bike, run, or hike. The buddies will receive a notification that the user has started an activity, they can live track the user on the map viewing their pace and time elapsed. Most importantly, there’s a panic button. Should it be pushed, the buddies are immediately notified that the user needs help and of their location. If the user is unable to push the panic button, there are automatic alerts that will be sent if the user stops moving for a period of time or starts moving too fast (as if they’ve been abducted and put in a car.) There is also a finish notification so that the buddies know you are done and have safely completed your activity.

It is only 99 cents a month or 9.99 a year! You can find it in the app store by searching RunBuddy or visiting the website here.

7 day free trial!

Mundbora Bags

For the hardcore among us. This backpack was created by one of my martial arts teachers and he’s no JOKE. Jeff Maguire is a professional security expert and has created this backpack to use as a shield against stabbing and even gunfire.

The backpack is sold separately from the inserts that you can choose to allow for various levels of protection depending on your environment and concerns.

Price: $250 for the backpack, inserts range from $50-$175; total package costs $520

SABRE Pepper Gel with LED Armband

With 35 bursts and a 12-foot range, the potent pepper gel is deployed in a stream to virtually eliminate wind blow-back and provide protection against multiple threats at a safe distance.

Why pepper gel? Less blow back if you’re in a windy location. I highly recommend purchasing a practice spray if your’e not familiar how to use it. The practice sprays contain water so no harm done if you miss!

Price $14.99

Empowerful Solo Female Traveler Safety, Wellness and Sexual Wellbeing Festival

Empowerful is the first and only Solo Female Travel Safety, Wellness and Sexual Wellbeing Festival designed to provide women who travel solo or want to get started, with all the tips, tricks and tools to do so safely and on their own terms. The festival brings together 40+ experts under 35+ sessions on everything from self-defense to road trip safety, travel and medical insurance, traveling as a woman of color or what to do when things go wrong.

I’ll be giving the opening keynote! Here’s the link to get your all access pass to the festival. Once registered you’ll have forever access to the sessions.