Commuter Safety Segment on NY1

MTA ridership reached a new record of over 5.6 million people on the transit system in September 2022, the highest it’s ever been since the pandemic. Yet there are safety concerns with increased ridership, experts say. 

Jennifer Cassetta, a wellness coach and self-defense expert, joined NY1’s Stef Manisero Saturday to talk about tips on how New Yorkers can protect themselves on mass transit.

Watch below for Jenn’s Commuter Safety tips so you can feel more safe from the streets to the boardroom… to the planes, trains and automobiles.

Tip 1: Keep alert! Put that phone away and make sure you are scanning for red flags around you and taking in information.

Tip 2: Keep your hands free! Use cross body bags so your hands are free to block your face, protect yourself or dial 911 if you need to.

Watch the whole Commuter Safety segment on NY1.

Jenn Cassetta and Stef Manisero’s segment on Commuter Safety on NY1.

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