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You should never have to walk around not feeling safe just because you are a woman. Being a victim of a crime is horrendous that can cause lifelong trauma and setbacks. There are some stats that report over 40% of women in the U.S. have encountered sexual violence in their life. While fighting back can feel scary and impossible whether you’re five feet tall or 6 feet tall, the alternative of not fighting back is even scarier.

In this episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu, Lisa brings on a 3rd degree Black Belt Badass to share her moves, tips, and tactics to defend yourself, stand up for yourself, and love yourself through it all. Self defense expert Jenn Cassetta has appeared on national television, and has helped brands such as Apple, Nike, and Uber teach self defense for women. After being attacked herself near her home late one night, she took her fear to a dojo and learned how to fight back and master her thinking.

Jenn shares the Ultimate Comeback for life:

-Give yourself grace
-Reimagine your li
-Ignore the naysayers
-Set a plan in motion

Having practical tactics to help you better deal with people when they’ve crossed your boundaries and ways to stand up for yourself that allow you to be more confident may save your life on the street or in the workplace.

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Lisa Bilyeu and Jenn Cassetta on Women of Impact
Lisa Bilyeu and Jenn Cassetta on Women of Impact: Jenn teaches Lisa some self defense moves.