Good Morning America: Watch This Brave Woman Fight Off Her Attacker

Nashali Alma, was attacked by some creep while she was at her gym for a workout.

Nobody should have to deal with this. Nobody chooses to be a victim of an assault.

Watch this incredible, scary, inspiring video of a brave woman who fights off her attacker.  I’m so impressed and inspired by Nashali’s fighting spirit.

There are so many things she did that helped her end the story the way it did, with her safe.

First, she sets a powerful boundary with her voice and her body as soon as he comes into her personal space.

She uses the bench to try and create a physical boundary and leverage an object to work in her favor.

He attacks and she starts striking. Even on the way down, she continues to strike him.

While on the ground she squirms and shrimps (a martial arts move) to try and get her hips out from underneath him.

She finally gets away because he gave up!

It’s disturbing to watch and yet it’s so inspiring to hear Nashali’s commentary. How she believed he is only as big as her in her mind. That she chose to fight! And that she never never never gave up.

Bravo, Nashali. You are a hero!