Lessons From the Famous Firewalk

It was 2005. I was 29 years old attending a Tony Robbins event at the Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey.It’s the first night of the 4 day event and I’m mesmerized by the sound of drumming. Myself, along with thousands of other people are getting amped up to do the famous “fire walk”; a quick barefoot walk along hot coals.

Why would thousands of people do something so wacky?

To prove to ourselves that 1) we can do scary things and 2) that our minds are way more powerful than we’ve believed them to be.

The whole evening was designed to get us in the right mindset. As I stood barefoot, staring at the hot coals in front of me, I didn’t allow my mind to think of the possibility of burned, bloody feet.

I focused only on the positive outcome; walking away unscathed with the feeling of pure accomplishment. When the volunteer told me it was go time, I shouted my mantras and walked as fast as I could to the other side without looking down.

Except for this teeny tiny moment when I allowed doubt to creep into my mind. It was so insidious and so quick I can’t even remember what the doubt said.

But when I got home that night, I saw this small blister on the bottom of my right foot. A small blister of doubt.
Whether my negative thoughts manifested as that physical blister or not, it’s a great metaphor for the power of our minds and how self-doubt can creep in and derail us from our plans, goals and dreams. :sparkles:

Self-doubt comes from our limiting beliefs.

And those limiting beliefs manifest as blisters in our lives like:
Not taking action, not applying for the job, not changing careers or industries, not launching the podcast or starting the blog, not getting yourself to swipe right, not commiting to your health plan, self sabotage or any number of things holding you back from your most badass life.

So what to do?

POP THE DAMN BLISTER! :drop_of_blood:

Let those limiting beliefs ooze right out by taking small actions towards your goals every single day.

Make one phone call. Watch a how-to Youtube video. Reach out to an old colleague. Transfer money into a savings account. Go for a walk. Cook a healthy meal. Meditate for 5 minutes. You get the picture.

Make a move. Take action even if it’s small.