Getting More of What You Want ?

A Boost of Badassery with Jenn Cassetta

In July, I went on a week long hiking trip to the Dolomite Mountains in Italy with 7 other women I had never met before.

We hiked almost 40 miles in 4 days through both forests and rocky terrain. We learned fascinating stories about World War 1 and the names of wild flowers. We ate incredible food, bonded over card games and took a cheese making tour in a Michelin star restaurant. ?

Here’s why I’m sharing…

I had plenty of reasons NOT to go on this trip. 

But, there were 2 main reasons I said yes.

First, in the beginning of every year I set an intention. My 2023 intention was to cultivate MORE JOY in my life. 

Second, in the beginning of each year I create a vision board. Some of you joined me for my workshop on how to create a digital vision board. This year, I added a picture of the Dolomite Mountains as somewhere I’d like to hike. 

So when a hiking retreat to the Dolomites with a cool group of women presented itself to me in April, I leapt. All of the pieces fell into place almost magically. 

Was it a coincidence? Or did I somehow call that trip into existence? 

Whatever you believe, I do know this.

When you have a vision for your life, an intention, a North Star or simply goals, you are more likely to be pulled towards them. 

You’re more likely to say yes to opportunities that feel in alignment with who you are becoming.

You’re more likely to get MORE of what you want.

And as a coach, that’s what I help people do. Get MORE of what they want.

More health. More wealth. More joy. More freedom. More success. More peace. More (what you want). More more more. More cheese?

If you cringe while reading that, it’s most likely because we were conditioned to “be happy with what you have” and no more. Wanting more in life can feel icky and maybe even greedy. 

Maybe it’s time to call BS on that belief.

Being grateful for what we have AND striving for more of the things that will bring you joy is not selfish. It creates fulfillment. And when you truly feel fulfilled it will spill out into other people, contributing to making this world a better place. 

This is reminder, to get clear on what you want more of.

It’s out there, waiting for you to claim it.

Peace, love and pasta-bilities, ?