7 Steps to Unleashing Your Inner Badass

In this introductory episode of the Art of Badassery Podcast, host and Chief Badassery Officer, Jenn Cassetta, introduces her framework for embracing and harnessing your inner power.  This life-changing framework started out as a simple Keynote but the overwhelming initial response quickly grew it into a book and then a course to walk you through how to reclaim your precious power.  She dives into the concept of “badassery” and what that means to you. Whether that word brings to mind feelings of confidence, resilience, mental toughness, grit, and/or inner strength, it is your BIRTHRIGHT to feel like a BADASS!

Jenn identifies three major reasons why individuals, especially women, lack power in their lives: 

  1. not believing in their inherent power,
  2. giving power away to unworthy sources, and/or
  3. experiencing burnout from neglecting self-care and prioritizing others.  

If you have or are experiencing any of these, hit ‘follow’ on this podcast because Jenn is sharing exactly what it takes to move past this stage in your life and become the black belt leader of your own mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.

Jenn also introduces in this episode her seven-step framework for reclaiming power and becoming the “badass hero” of your own life, using martial arts as a metaphor for personal growth and progress.  You’ll learn more about:

  • Gaining strength by embracing adversity and obstacles
  • Overcoming challenges to make comebacks
  • Saying no to draining influences that distract you from your purpose
  • Learning to communicate in powerful ways
  • Why prioritizing self-care isn’t an optional step
  • Calming the mind and building confidence
  • Becoming a leader and mentoring others

This lesson includes small actions you can take in the next 48 hours to begin to reclaim your power immediately. 

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