Overcoming Challenges and Promoting Body Positivity with Kara Richardson Whitely

Get ready to learn to show up, love yourself, and change your life one step at a time! In this episode of the Art of Badassery Podcast, Kara Richardson Whitely joins Jenn to share her inspirational journey of overcoming adversity, promoting body positivity, and founding The Gorgeous Agency. Kara is a renowned author, adventurer, and […]

Not Today Mother****er! Kelly Lieberman’s Story of Survival

On March 12, 2017, Kelly Lieberman’s life changed forever. Foreshadowed by a company-sponsored self-defense class three weeks prior, Kelly was training for a marathon with a seemingly harmless morning run by the beach. About five miles in, she would find herself in the fight of her life during an assault in a women’s bathroom. On […]

Taking on Misogyny on Wall Street with Jamie Fiore Higgins

In 2022, Jamie Fiore Higgins pulled back the curtain on her tumultuous 20 year experience working as a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs in a toxic male-dominated corporate culture, when she published her book, Bully Market. She joins Jenn this week to talk more about her story and the reception she’s received from her tell-all. […]

7 Steps to Unleashing Your Inner Badass

In this introductory episode of the Art of Badassery Podcast, host and Chief Badassery Officer, Jenn Cassetta, introduces her framework for embracing and harnessing your inner power.  This life-changing framework started out as a simple Keynote but the overwhelming initial response quickly grew it into a book and then a course to walk you through […]

Podcast Announcement ?

The Art of Badassery with Jenn Cassetta If you could use a boost of badassery in your life, look no further than The Art of Badassery. Jenn Cassetta is your ultimate hype woman and she’s here to shout it from the rooftops that it is your birthright to feel like a badass. As a professional […]

Getting More of What You Want ?

A Boost of Badassery with Jenn Cassetta In July, I went on a week long hiking trip to the Dolomite Mountains in Italy with 7 other women I had never met before. We hiked almost 40 miles in 4 days through both forests and rocky terrain. We learned fascinating stories about World War 1 and […]