The State of Women’s Wellness + 3 Takeaways

When hearing the words women’s wellness one may conjure up images of women having a spa day, practicing yoga or drinking a smoothie. In fact, go ahead and type those two words into a stock image website and that’s precisely what you’ll find. Yet, as I’ve been prepping for an upcoming keynote with the theme […]

Lessons From the Famous Firewalk

It was 2005. I was 29 years old attending a Tony Robbins event at the Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey.It’s the first night of the 4 day event and I’m mesmerized by the sound of drumming. Myself, along with thousands of other people are getting amped up to do the famous “fire walk”; a quick […]

How to Channel Your Inner Sophia Loren

I recently posted this image of Sophia Loren on my Instagram account with the included caption (found on @MakersWomen IG), “I’d rather eat pasta and drink wine than be a size 0”. Pretty much instantly people were liking and commenting, more so than on any post I’ve ever posted! In less than 24 hours it […]

The Art of Badassery

  Every year in January we are bombarded with #NewYearNewYou messages of how we have to shrink our bodies by giving up our favorite foods and doing some kind of fitness challenge, only to quit it all in a matter of weeks. Well, this year, I am challenging you to something greater, something deeper. I […]

Drop the F Word

You might be thinking, Girl – I heard you drop the F bomb on national TV! Well, you would be right. I did do that on ABC’s weight loss competition show, My Diet is Better Than Yours. But, the F word I am talking about here is different. It’s the word that way too many […]

5 Questions to Find Your Mission

I decided to take a break from our regularly scheduled fitness and nutrition tips content to make a short video called, I believe. I recently had to go through an exercise at a Brendon Burchard seminar that led me to create this mission statement video. It was really inspiring to be able to narrow what […]