Commuter Safety Segment on NY1

MTA ridership reached a new record of over 5.6 million people on the transit system in September 2022, the highest it’s ever been since the pandemic. Yet there are safety concerns with increased ridership, experts say.  Jennifer Cassetta, a wellness coach and self-defense expert, joined NY1’s Stef Manisero Saturday to talk about tips on how […]

KTLA Segment: Discreet Safety

Crime is up in many cities as well as targeted attacks on certain groups. Jennifer has been busier than ever presenting her Personal Safety & Self Defense, Commuter Safety and She Warrior Self Defense to employees at corporations around the country. When KTLA reached out to interview her for discreet ways to keep yourself safe, […]

Learn Self Defense From Home!

Ladies, women, girls and fellow She Warriors! I am super excited to finally push the LAUNCH button on this project. After years of wishing I could teach my self defense course to women ANYWHERE in the WORLD, I finally created an online self defense course in an easy-to-learn format and it’s READY TO GO! You […]

Emotional Self Defense From the Streets to the Boardroom

Self defense isn’t always about physically defending yourself. Self defense starts in the mind. Workplace harassment and sexual assault have both made huge headlines recently; but it’s not just typical bullying and assault that we need to protect ourselves from. In order to preserve your power and positivity on a daily basis, we need to […]

What Every Woman Should Know About Self Defense

Every woman has their own version of a Harvey Weinstein in her life. Maybe your version didn’t go as far as masturbating in front of you, or maybe it went much further and turned into a violent attack. Either way, I hear you and I’m sorry that has happened to you. I’ve been following all […]

Should You Intervene When Someone is Being Verbally Attacked?

Great question! I am so glad I was included in this article in The Chicago Tribune in their Social Graces  column. The idea was sparked after this video of a woman berating another woman working at a Michael’s store went viral. You see someone being verbally attacked in public over political beliefs. Should you intervene […]