The State of Women’s Wellness + 3 Takeaways

When hearing the words women’s wellness one may conjure up images of women having a spa day, practicing yoga or drinking a smoothie. In fact, go ahead and type those two words into a stock image website and that’s precisely what you’ll find. Yet, as I’ve been prepping for an upcoming keynote with the theme […]

Lessons From the Famous Firewalk

It was 2005. I was 29 years old attending a Tony Robbins event at the Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey.It’s the first night of the 4 day event and I’m mesmerized by the sound of drumming. Myself, along with thousands of other people are getting amped up to do the famous “fire walk”; a quick […]

How to Spot Disordered Eating & What To Do

A Webinar for Parents with Clinical Nutritionist and Health Coach, Jenn Cassetta “Hunger was easier to feel than my emotions.” A 16 year old girl said this to me in a recent one-on-one nutrition consultation. It was DEEP. She had worked through her disordered eating issues to finally get to a place where she eats […]

Bingeworthy Wellness Content in Quarantine and Beyond

Are you bored yet? I hope not. I never understood how people can be bored, to be honest. Not only do I have unlimited things I can be doing for my business (writing content, filming content, social media content, writing a book, creating a podcast, this list overwhelms me!), but there are so many things […]

Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Month

April is usually a big month of travel for me. I speak at college campuses around the country, mostly to sorority women, on sexual assault awareness and prevention. This year, is obviously quite different, with the stay at home orders and quarantine life. But just because we are not holding in person events and universities […]

Overeating During Quarantine?

Here’s why and what to do instead. This week 6 of quarantine, here in Los Angeles, and most of the United States. I’ve been seeing the memes circulating of us emerging this time with the “Quarantine 15” due to all of the overeating and lack of activity. I’ve heard from friends, family and clients that […]