3 Ways to Get Your Chocolate Fix

Are you a chocoholic like I am? If so, I’m going to give you 3 Strong, Safe & Sexy ways to get your chocolate fix without the blood sugar spikes of conventional boxes of chocolate filled with sugar, high fructose corn syrup and artificial colors and flavors. Watch the video below! First, you should know […]

Drop the F Word

You might be thinking, Girl – I heard you drop the F bomb on national TV! Well, you would be right. I did do that on ABC’s weight loss competition show, My Diet is Better Than Yours. But, the F word I am talking about here is different. It’s the word that way too many […]

Workout with Me and Shaun T! Get Strong, Safe & Sexy in 19 Minutes

It’s opposites day! In this workout video I lead Shaun T, Insanity and Asylum creator and fitness guru, through my Strong, Safe & Sexy Workout! In less than 20 minutes I got Shaun T sweating hard. We punch, kick, squat and stretch for a mini-complete martial arts-inspired workout. I even lead you through a quick […]

Strong Safe & Sexy New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year Friends! Are you excited for 2016? I know I am. And I was really excited to make this video for you to give you a few ideas (3 to be exact) for your 2016 Resolutions, and none of them have to do with a scale! Each resolution idea I have for you […]

Strong Safe & Sexy Drinking Tips

With the holidays near, I don’t know about you, but my alcohol consumption usually increases with all of the social gatherings and holiday parties. I’d be a total hypocrite if I told you that I avoid alcohol. In fact, I enjoy it and it is a part of my strong safe & sexy diet. I […]

#SelfieSafety Tips for Running Safety Month

November is National Running Safety Month. If you are still running outside, bravo to you! If not, you can keep these #selfiesafety tips for running safety month in mind all year long. The most important safety tip that applies to all situations is AWARENESS. Always be aware when running, so leave those headphones at home […]