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bring The Noise?

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is my jam.

I want to connect, get to the heart of the matter and make you feel alive, hopeful and powerful about your future. I want you to know that you have the ability to be:
STRONG: mentally and physically
SAFE: from harm
POWERFUL: from the inside out

TEDx Talk: The Art of Empowerment

Mojo from the Dojo

I’ve spoken to large audiences at major conferences (think thousands), and smaller, intimate groups at corporate headquarters and offsite retreats. I speak to inclusive audiences (all genders, races, religions and humans). I also deliver female focused programming.

I deliver keynote speeches and I present corporate wellness and self defense workshops.

Checkout the topics below for some inspo and let me know
if I can help motivate your audience during your next:

Conference, convention, event, summit or tradeshow
Corporate wellness programming
Diversity & Inclusion programming
Leadership training
REALTOR Safety Event
Sales meeting
Team building retreat
Women in leadership training

Topics include but are not limited to:


Signature Keynote: The Art of Badassery

Do you want to get your attendees feeling like they can take on the world? In this popular motivational and empowering keynote, attendees will be guided on a journey from white belt to black belt in personal growth and leadership. Topics include: resilience building, boundary setting, powerfully communicating,  self care and leadership. Attendees engage in interactive exercises that have them out of their seats and connecting with each other. They leave as “black belts of badassery” with practical tools that help them feel more confident, visible and powerful from the streets to the boardroom.

*This can be delivered as a keynote, 2 hour in-depth session or broken up over the course of a 1-2 day retreat or virtual series. 


Embrace the Suck: Building Resilience in Times of Uncertainty

Life is not one long smooth ride. Things that challenge us are inevitable. How we choose to react to them is everything. This session is designed to help people move forward from past challenges with mindset hacks that foster resilience and mental fortitude. Resilience is associated with increased work engagement, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment.

Blocking, Boundary setting & Powerful communication

Energy drains are everywhere. Toxic behavior, all forms of media, energy vampires and societal norms can all drain us of our power and distract us from our purpose, if we let them. This session will empower attendees to block negativity and set boundaries in order to keep focused on what’s most important. We’ll also cover powerful communication and how to master our inner dialogue once and for all.

Elevate Your Energy: Squashing Stress with Self Care

Workplace burnout is at an all time high and leads to poor performance, quiet quitting and lower retention in organizations. This session puts employees in the driver seat of their own CHI, or life force energy. Attendees will create a personalized wellbeing plan to fuel the mind and body with what it needs to keep a high vibe and thrive through stressful times.

Black Belt Leadership: Unleash Your Mojo with Wisdom of the Dojo

When you empower people with leadership skills they become more committed, strategic, intuitive, creative, and competent. As a result of this session, attendees will feel like regardless of their title or position that they can have more influence at work. They will leave with a deeper understanding of  what leadership means and practical takeaways they can implement immediately to increase their confidence and therefore, their results.


Can’t find what you are looking for but you believe it would be in my wheelhouse, let’s talk about a customized program for your event.

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Corporate Client List

Where I’ve been…


Word on the street

Jennifer’s energy, uniqueness and enthusiasm was praised and welcomed by the more than 450 participants at the S.H.E. Summit Bacardi and she was an integral part to keeping energy levels high for the day. Jennifer is very motivating and fun and we hope to have her back at future summits!

Laura Martinez Bacardi Martini,Co-Chair Women in Leadership North America

Jennifer is a powerful and dynamic motivator, speaker and health coach.

Joshua Rosenthal Founder, Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Jennifer Cassetta is a badass. Period! With her easy going, approachable presentation style and her boundless and infectious energy, Jennifer really connects. Her message cuts to the heart of the issue so many of us are dealing with: how to get out of our own head, cut out negativity and embrace change on the road to a happier and more fulfilling life. Along the journey with Jennifer, you’ll learn a lot about self-empowerment and about what makes her such a special and inspiring person. She’s open, honest and endearing in every way.

Wendy Burke CEO and founder of CADENCE Travel

Jennifer shows you how to find and unleash your own inner power, and does it through lessons and examples that apply in the real-world. She doesn’t just tell a great story, it’s practical, useful and highly entertaining too. You’ll definitely laugh, you’ll probably cry (I did!) and in between you’ll be completely and utterly inspired. It’s been months since she spoke to our group and the takeaways we learned from her, the phrases she used and her manner of presentation all still resonate today. Those of us who were witness to her presentation still quote from it daily. See her speak, and you’ll be quoting her too.

John Knob Director, CADENCE Travel

Jennifer’s self defense class was a fantastic and empowering experience that left me feeling more confident and aware of my surroundings.

Margo Guffin Warner Bros. Studios

Jenn came to our office to teach self-defense to our employees and not only did everyone walk away with new set of physical self-defense tools, but also an increased sense of empowerment, confidence, and assertiveness to use in and out of the workplace.

Nikki Seidlin Employee Wellness Director, Endeavor

Jennifer has the unique ability to both educate and motivate an audience. Her presentation was the highlight of our safety event.

Marty Manion CEO, Naples Area Board of REALTORS

Jenn's joyous personality and warm smile is infectious and inviting. Our member's loved her presentation and would welcome her again any time. Additionally, she was a dream to work with. I would highly recommend Jenn for any conference. She is AMAZING!!

Haley Meyer Payne Oklahoma Association of REALTORS

Being a real estate broker is a challenging job and can also be a dangerous one. The information that JennCasetta gave in her presentation will be invaluable in helping to train my agents to remain safe. I rarely leave any education session wishing that it had lasted longer. In Jenn’s case, I wish we could have had all day to learn!

Pamela O’Rorke Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Benchmark Realty

I had the privilege of attending JennCassetta’s keynote presentation at the ReIgnite Conference for the Oklahoma Association of REALTORS. I appreciated her sharing her testimony, being vulnerable and authentic. She was FABULOUS!

Mary DeMoss GRI

By far the BEST safety session I have ever been to! Jennifer was very informative and her energy is contagious!! I’ve been telling all the women I know about the self defense tips she taught and I feel great knowing that they’re prepared in the event of an emergency. I loved how motivational and empowering the session was! The safety tips she shares could literally save you or a loved one’s life.

RajiaAbdelaziz Co-founder & CEO, Invisawear

Jennifer makes it easier to understand how to take back control of your life and embrace your inner badass.

Nikki Wilbur Meeting Professionals International

Jennifer is truly an inspiration.

Deidra Lieberman Professional Business Women of California, Board Member


Jenn knocked both sessions out of the park! We had ~300 participants across both events from across the globe. According to survey feedback from participants, "Jenn goes beyond showing women how to feel empowered. She shows them how to take action towards protecting their peace and power". Over 85% of survey respondents said they felt inspired by her event, citing Jenn's successful use of her own vulnerability to connect with the audience."
Melissa Maisch, Visa
"Jennifer's presentation was both educational and empowering. The 'Art of Badassery' was a highlight of our day and a favorite amongst a diverse group of 150 female Bankers in the room."
Jessica Richard
“Jenn had me on the edge of my seat, I was captivated by every word she spoke. Her message is both powerful and empowering; how to better position oneself to protect mind, body, heart and soul in order to thrive and live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life.”
Gerard McEvoy
British Airways
"I highly recommend Jennifer as a keynote speaker for an organization's ERG or Wellness events! She is an engaging speaker with an authentic and impactful delivery style. We were fortunate to have her facilitate our Women In Construction ERG meeting in 2022 and she received rave reviews from all in attendance! It's a pleasure to work with such a professional. I look forward to the opportunity to work with her again for future events!"
Lynda Hauke
C.W. Driver Companies
“Jennifer gave a powerful personal safety presentation at our NYSAR conference and we loved her style and approach!”
Priscilla Toth
New York State Association of REALTORS
“Jennifer energized a normally docile audience, bringing Attendees to their feet on multiple occasions. She brings a great story, fun learning material, and everyone leaves motivated!”
Nathan Fillion
Visit Dallas
“As a group of people always seeking the “why” behind what we do what we do, we loved hearing the science behind the advice that Jennifer was sharing. Her presentation was interactive, fun, informative, and left us all feeling like we could incorporate some basic improvements in our life for a healthier work/life balance.”
Deanna Leess
TEK Systems
Amazing presentation! Everyone at the CREW event loved The Art of Badassery and left genuinely inspired. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to work with Jenn again in the future.
Sandi Quigley
CREW, West Palm Beach
Jenn, you captivated us the moment you stepped on the stage. I looked around and not a sole was on their cell phones. We sat at attention waiting to learn what the next belt meant until we proudly reached the final BLACK BELT. Thank you for giving us such a dynamic presentation!
Chris Reese
2020 President Ohio Realtors
"We recently had Jennifer as our Keynote for SMPS Pacific Regional Conference in San Diego. With over 425 people attending the conference, catering to marketers in the A/E/C industry. Jenn nailed it and knocked it out of the park with her empowerment message and uplifting delivery."
Samantha Jordan
Emerick Construction Company
“What a truly inspirational speaker! The life experiences you've experienced and spoke about along with your positive thoughts and energy had all of the attendees captivated; so much so that they did not want to leave the course and wanted to hang around to chat more!”
Kerri Brehn
American Airlines
“The Women of Uber NYC were very fortunate to spend an afternoon taking Jennifer’s She Warrior Self Defense class, learning the ABC’s of self defense and how to protect ourselves. I couldn’t think of a better way to empower our women to feel strong, safe and confident from the streets to the boardroom.”
Sheryl Weaver
"Jennifer is an engaging and dynamic presenter. She possesses that incredible talent of being able to personally connect with participants through the sharing of her life’s experiences, to which everyone can relate on some level. Our group was lucky enough to experience The Art of Badassery and She Warrior Self Defense, and in the process see her transition from presentation mode to workshop mode with ease."
Carrie Woerdeman
“Jennifer’s knowledge and passion for her work is evident in her presentations. She has the unique ability to both educate and motivate an audience. Her presentation was the highlight of our Realtor Safety Month event.”
Marty Manion
CEO, Naples Area Board of REALTORS
“Jennifer shared her incredible life experiences and stories, and made them relatable to every professional woman she spoke to in the room.”
Deidra Lieberman
Professional Business Women of California, Board Member
“Jennifer’s energy, uniqueness and enthusiasm was praised and welcomed by the more than 450 participants at the Bacardi Spirit Forward Summit. She was an integral part of keeping energy levels high for the day.”
Laura Martinez
Bacardi Martini, Inc.
Jennifer brings an incredible energy and spirit to every presentation she gives and is one of the most amazing speakers I've had the pleasure of working with. She was the highlight of our day and everyone who attended referenced her as one of their favorite sessions.
Allegra Demerjian
Jenn Cassetta did a wonderful job at our Women of Vision Conference, mesmerizing attendees with her Art of Badassery program. It was a fantastic day that our attendees left raving about – kudos to Jenn! Jenn was a delight to work with – we look forward to hosting her again soon!
Garry Moon
Ohio Realtors
"Jenn led a series of virtual sessions with our employees, walking us through key themes from her book, The Art of Badassery. Our intent was to engage and empower our employees through Jenn's program. She surpassed our expectations. Her informal, authentic style allowed our audience to feel connected with her and lean in further to the discussions, getting the most out of Jenn's framework. We had great feedback from our employees. I highly recommend Jenn for team building, empowerment talks and coaching."
Rebekah Crane
Columbia Threadneedle Investments
“Jennifer is empowering, inspiring and motivational! She is truly an expert in the Art of Badassery!”
Ana Battung
Hyatt Hotel Corporation
“Jennifer’s class was a fantastic and empowering experience that left me feeling more confident and aware of my surroundings. Her instructions were clear, concise and engaging, and I highly recommend taking her class or having her teach at a group event!”
Margo Guffin
Warner Bros. Studios
"Jenn was extremely engaging and interactive with the audience that added an abundance of enthusiasm and joy throughout our event space. Her message resonated with all of us as we are still talking about it. This specific series offers value to any given individual and/or group. You definitely will walk away with an overwhelming sense of being a true BADASS!"
Christie Montague
CREW Kansas City
“Jennifer spoke at our annual conference and knocked it out of the park! She delivered her personal safety for REALTORS content complete with fun and inspiration.”
Haley Meyer Payne
Oklahoma Association of REALTORS
"Jennifer is an incredibly dynamic and engaging speaker. I loved that she was able to break down what seemed like daunting tasks into action items making it easier to understand how to take back control of your life and embrace your inner badass."
Nikki Wilbur
Meeting Professionals International
I am a Jennifer Cassetta fan! You need to hire her to speak to your employees, members or associates. I have hired her to speak at two PIHRA events and will continue to advocate for her at all levels of my organization. In my eyes, she steals the show!
Liliana Arguello, MBA
I've hired Jenn to speak at 4 events now and always so glad I did. She has spoken to the Florida chapter of the Women's Council of Realtors as well as at the Unity School and audience members always leave feeling more empowered. I recommend having Jenn as the keynote speaker for your next event.
Amy Stark Snook
Women's Council of Realtors, Florida
Jennifer was dynamic and engaging speaker, leading our organization through "The Art of Badassery". She shared personal stories and gave participants the opportunity to connect with each other, sharing their own experiences. Her training was empowering and motivating."
Jill Repasky
Columbia Sportswear