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I’m a high performance coach, speaker, author and self defense expert. My mission is to help you feel strong, safe and powerful from the streets to the boardroom.​


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Bring me to your corporate event, conference or retreat for a conversation on leadership, high performance and wellbeing.

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Jenn’s mission is to touch, move and inspire her audience into action.

Her signature talk, The Art of Badassery, provides the framework for people to elevate themselves to become the black belt leader of their own mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. She’s spoken at some of the world’s largest companies like Apple, American Airlines, British Airways, Nike and Viacom/CBS. Watch Jenn’s TEDx Talk

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Want more success in your business, career, health and life? It’s all about that mindset, baby. Plus coaching, accountability and support. Through 1:1 coaching and group coaching, let’s get you more of what you want in life  LEARN MORE


The Art of Badassery

Unleash Your Mojo With Wisdom of the Dojo

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High Kicks, Health Scares And The Power Of Audacious Optimism With Shanna Adamic

High Kicks, Health Scares And The Power Of Audacious Optimism With Shanna Adamic

  Get ready to meet a real-life superhero! In this episode, your Chief Badassery Officer, Jennifer Cassetta, welcomes Shanna Adamic, an executive director at Oracle Health Foundation whose story is nothing short of extraordinary. From the high-energy world of NFL…

The Art of Badassery Retreat in Montauk!

The Art of Badassery Retreat in Montauk!

15 years ago I dreamed of hosting an empowering retreat filled with outdoor moving meditations, workouts that make you feel strong in your mind and body and community that fills your spirit in Montauk. In fact, I priced it out…

Three P’s To A Badass Morning Routine With Jenn Cassetta

Three P’s To A Badass Morning Routine With Jenn Cassetta

  Having a responsible morning routine can give you a little peace and focus each day. If you find starting such a daily exercise a bit overwhelming, Jenn Cassetta is here to simplify the process. Tune in as she explores…

Jenn Cassetta’s Morning Routine

Jenn Cassetta’s Morning Routine

If you heard the episode of The Art of Badassery Podcast with Jenn Cassetta, about the 3 P’s of a Badass Morning Routine, then you have a good idea of how I harness the power of a morning routine. I’m…


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