“ Jennifer - you
are one kick ass
BADASS chick.”

Jenny McCarthy
“I loved Jenn’s tips on how women can be safe. I'll never look at stilettos the same way! #PrettyAndDeadly”
Marie Osmond
“What a truly inspirational speaker! The life experiences you've experienced and spoke about along with your positive thoughts and energy had all of the attendees captivated; so much so that they did not want to leave the course and wanted to hang around to chat more!”
Kerri Brehn
American Airlines
Kerri Brehn
“Jennifer is a powerful and dynamic motivator, speaker and health coach. We are proud to have her an an ambassador for our school and an advocate for holistic health.”
Joshua Rosenthal
Founder, Institute for Integrative Nutrition
“Jenn had me on the edge of my seat, I was captivated by every word she spoke. Her message is both powerful and empowering; how to better position oneself to protect mind, body, heart and soul in order to thrive and live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life.”
Gerard McEvoy
British Airways
Gerard Mcevoy
“Jennifer's presentation was both educational and empowering. The 'Art of Badassery' was a highlight of our day and a favorite amongst a diverse group of 150 female Bankers in the room.”
Jessica Richard
Danyelle Proano
“Jennifer is a powerful speaker! She brings an emotional element to the presentation by sharing her personal story and it is moving to hear how it has motivated her to work to empower women.”
Danyelle Proano
City National Bank
“Jennifer is empowering, inspiring and motivational! She is truly an expert in the Art of Badassery!”
Ana Battung
Hyatt Hotel Corporation
“The Women of Uber NYC were very fortunate to spend an afternoon taking Jennifer’s She Warrior Self Defense class, learning the ABC’s of self defense and how to protect ourselves. I couldn’t think of a better way to empower our women to feel strong, safe and confident from the streets to the boardroom.”
Sheryl Weaver
“Jennifer energized a normally docile audience, bringing Attendees to their feet on multiple occasions. She brings a great story, fun learning material, and everyone leaves motivated!”
Nathan Fillion
Visit Dallas
Nathan Fillion
“Jennifer shared her incredible life experiences and stories, and made them relatable to every professional woman she spoke to in the room.”
Deidra Lieberman
Professional Business Women of California, Board Member
Bacardi logo

“Jennifer’s energy, uniqueness and enthusiasm was praised and welcomed by the more than 450 participants at the Bacardi Spirit Forward Summit. She was an integral part of keeping energy levels high for the day.”

Laura Martinez, Bacardi Martini, Inc.
“Jennifer’s class was a fantastic and empowering experience that left me feeling more confident and aware of my surroundings. Her instructions were clear, concise and engaging, and I highly recommend taking her class or having her teach at a group event!”
Margo Guffin
Warner Bros. Studios
"Jennifer is an incredibly dynamic and engaging speaker. I loved that she was able to break down what seemed like daunting tasks into action items making it easier to understand how to take back control of your life and embrace your inner badass."
Nikki Wilbur
Meeting Professionals International
"Jennifer's unique brand of speaking is engaging, graceful and inspirational. I'm grateful for the opportunity to have participated in The Art of Badassery; an integrative program that engages the mind, body, and soul. Her "strategies from the mat" provide clear, thoughtful, and useful tools to help us along life's sometimes arduous journeys."
Eliza Karagezian
CREW Inland Empire
“I am a Jennifer Cassetta fan! You need to hire her to speak to your employees, members or associates. I have asked her to speak at two PIHRA events and will continue to advocate for her at all levels of my organization.”
Liliana Arguello
Liliana arguello
“I've hired Jenn to speak at 4 events now and always so glad I did. She has spoken to the Florida State Network of the Women's Council of Realtors as well as Delray Beaches Unity School and community always leaving us feeling more empowered. I recommend having Jenn as the keynote speaker for your next event.”
Amy Stark Snook
“Jennifer Cassetta is a must for any professional event. Jennifer is very professional, and able to connect with her audience. We look forward to an in person event next year !”
Elyse Iwashika
CREW Inland Empire
“Jennifer brings an incredible energy and spirit to any presentation she does, and is one of the most engaging speaker I've had the pleasure of working with. We hosted her as a speaker for a virtual event in September 2020, and she really helped to bring energy and participation. She is a great communicator and asks all the right questions leading up to a speaking engagement to ensure she keeps the goals of the event top of mind. She was definitely a highlight of our day, and everyone who attended our event referenced her session as one of their favorites.”
Allegra Demerjian
“As a group of people always seeking the “why” behind what we do what we do, we loved hearing the science behind the advice that Jennifer was sharing. Her presentation was interactive, fun, informative, and left us all feeling like we could incorporate some basic improvements in our life for a healthier work/life balance.”
Deanna Leess
TEK Systems
“Jennifer gave a powerful personal safety presentation at our NYSAR conference and we loved her style and approach!”
Priscilla Toth
New York State Association of REALTORS
“Jennifer’s knowledge and passion for her work is evident in her presentations. She has the unique ability to both educate and motivate an audience. Her presentation was the highlight of our Realtor Safety Month event.”
Marty Manion
CEO, Naples Area Board of REALTORS
“Jennifer was the perfect speaker to demonstrate self-defense techniques in an approachable and understandable way for our members. She was very kind and encouraging and really made sure that every person left the workshop feeling empowered and able to stand up and defend themselves.”
Rachel Branson
NC Realtors
“Jennifer spoke at our annual conference and knocked it out of the park! She delivered her personal safety for REALTORS content complete with fun and inspiration.”
Haley Meyer Payne
Oklahoma Association of REALTORS
“We loved having Jenn at WME! She came to our office to teach self-defense to our employees and not only did everyone walk away with new set of physical self-defense tools, but also an increased sense of empowerment, confidence, and assertiveness to use in and out of the workplace. We can’t wait to have her back!”
Nikki Seidlin
“I highly recommend Jenn's coaching to anyone, especially entrepreneurs. Jenn helped me overcome obstacles, to create the business I want. I got more out of this program and learned more about myself than I ever could have imagined.”
Regan Wilson
Wellness Coach
Christina Gonzalez Hicks
“I highly recommend Jenn's coaching services! She is thoughtful and truly cares about the people she serves. Jenn has such a diverse focus and is able to assist with different aspects of life that all benefit my personal success.”
Christina Gonzalez Hicks
Founder & HR Consultant
“Working with Jenn tapped into my inner strength that I was unaware of. She showed me that balance and patience is key and a true gift to myself and those who work within my business. Jenn is able to adapt with any new challenge I shared and was able to empathize when needed, kick my butt when needed and always had my back.”
Jennifer Teplin
Founder of Manhattan Wellness
Jennifer Teplin
“Jenn is a fantastic coach who listens and really looks at the individual from all angles. Personality, motivational levels, mental state are all part of her overall approach and that makes her coaching style very supportive. She is always positive and available for any questions or queries you might have and was really instrumental in getting me on the path to a healthier lifestyle.”
Sarah Vahabi
Public Relations Professional
“If you are looking for someone to empower your group and change their perspective not only on life, but the particular goal of your group, I would highly recommend Jenn. She is dynamic in her delivery of information, and offers a presentation that can be life changing if you are open to accept it.”
Dakota S.
Nikki Southwell
“Speaking to a virtual audience of over 200 guests, Jennifer was powerful, highly engaging, and extremely professional throughout the session. She expertly weaved in personal stories, formal instruction, and demonstration throughout and kept our audience active and engaged. We received excellent feedback from the event. Every member of the audience walked out of the session empowered with both the mindset and physical tools to defend themselves.”
Nikki Southwell
Ascend Midwest Chapter
“The women in attendance applauded Jennifer for encouraging them to improve their ability to set boundaries, adjust their body language and tone, and even how to physically defend themselves in times of dire need.”
Rachel Braddock
Georgia State University
“She made me feel empowered and supported. I really appreciated how she made it clear that she did not victim blame, and was only there to provide tools to help us all in dangerous situations.”
Hailey P.
Washington State University
“Jennifer’s presence at Her Conference was an empowering moment for our attendees. Women who attended her session left feeling not only confident and inspired but more importantly prepared to stay safe on campus and protect themselves if they are ever in a dangerous situation.”
Cara Chiamonte
Her Conference, Her Campus Media
“Jennifer Cassetta helped us further understand how to strengthen our mind, bodies, and spirits, and honed in on empowering us to take charge of the direction of our lives. Through her inspiring stories and active discussions, Penn State Panhellenic is now able to understand what it truly means to be an empowered woman in this day and age. If you are lucky enough to hear her speak, take advantage of every minute, because you will leave with more self-assurance and confidence than you even thought was possible.”
The Panhellenic
Women at Penn State University

“Jenn knew exactly how to move a room – literally and metaphorically. She made our women feel empowered, inspired and undeniably fierce.”

Cristina, VP Community Standards, Carnegie Mellon University Panhellenic
“The "Hear Us Roar" program was empowering and educational for our whole chapter. I think that every woman left the program with new ways to keep awareness of their surroundings and with more confidence in their ability to defend themselves. I would love to have Jennifer at the Kappa House again!”
Caroline Reid
Kappa Kappa Gamma University of Southern California
"Jenn was absolutely incredible and empowered our inner bad ass! She brought an energy with her that is unmatched, and taught us self-defense skills so we can kick some ass!"
Morgan Welch
James Madison University Panhellenic VP
“Jennifer was amazing! From her “power pose” to her personal stories, she brings the audience in and listens to all of their stories. Each person was left feeling empowered and appreciated!”
Jodi Bailey
“Jenn's keynote "Hear Me Roar" allowed all of us as sorority women to discuss a sometimes scary and difficult topic in a productive and even fun way. Instead of just talking about sexual assault prevention, a major focus on college campuses, Jenn taught us to be strong in worst case scenarios. I truly believe all of our members walked out of the room feeling empowered and stronger!”
VP Finance, Panhellenic Council, UC Santa Barbara
“Jennifer Cassetta led a fun and inspirational workshop for the UCSB Panhellenic community. Not only is Hear Me Roar a useful tool to help young women address the concepts of self-defense and sexual violence, it is also relatable and fun. Jennifer really took the time to get to know our student leaders and tailor the program to the UC Santa Barbara community. We are so thankful for her positive attitude and fun approach to talking about such serious issues with our students!”
Sophie Wilson
Panhellenic Advisor, UC Santa Barbara