Drop the F Word

You might be thinking, Girl – I heard you drop the F bomb on national TV! Well, you would be right. I did do that on ABC’s weight loss competition show, My Diet is Better Than Yours. But, the F word I am talking about here is different. It’s the word that way too many […]

Get Strong, Safe & Sexy with Jennifer Cassetta!

Have you been inspired by ABC’s new weight loss competition show, My Diet is Better Than Yours? I hope so! I know it can be tough to pick what kind of diet would work best for you, but if you’ve landed here, my guess is you have an interest in one of the following: Eating […]

Workout with Me and Shaun T! Get Strong, Safe & Sexy in 19 Minutes

It’s opposites day! In this workout video I lead Shaun T, Insanity and Asylum creator and fitness guru, through my Strong, Safe & Sexy Workout! In less than 20 minutes I got Shaun T sweating hard. We punch, kick, squat and stretch for a mini-complete martial arts-inspired workout. I even lead you through a quick […]

7 Reasons to Consider Going Pescatarian

I’ve been appearing as a weight-loss expert on ABC’s reality weight-loss show My Diet Is Better Than Yours, and in a recent episode I put my client on a pescatarian diet. The show’s premise it to pit different dietary theories against each other to see which plans work. Going in to the show, I chose to […]

My Diet is Better Than Yours: Episodes 3 & 4 Recap

Have you been watching My Diet is Better Than Yours on ABC at 9pm/8pm CST? Here’s my recap for episodes 3 & 4 with a little behind the scenes info. I may be a bit biased but I really do love this show and its concept. On episodes one and two you meet 5 contestants, […]