Turmeric Pumpkin Smoothie Recipe

Have i ever told you that I have arthritis in my hips? Well, I do, due to an abnormality I was born with called hip dysplasia (like German Shepherds). For that reason, and for better health in general, I need to stick to an overall anti-inflammatory diet. Inflammation in the body leads to a number […]

Carrot Ginger Coconut Soup Recipe

I love making blended soups and I always make sure that they are nutritionally packed. One way to ensure this is to include fresh vegetables and some healthy fat (I usually add cashews as my secret vegan weapon). The other way is to not cook the CRAP out of the veggies before blending them. There’s […]

Cauliflower Crust Pizza: Strong, Safe & Sexy Approved

You will want this pizza! This Cauliflower Crust Pizza is Strong, Safe & Sexy approved because it is gluten free and high in nutrients and flavor. Pizza night is back on the menu with this recipe. I love to cook Italian cuisine because 1. i love the food and 2. because i feel connected to […]

3 Ways to Get Your Chocolate Fix

Are you a chocoholic like I am? If so, I’m going to give you 3 Strong, Safe & Sexy ways to get your chocolate fix without the blood sugar spikes of conventional boxes of chocolate filled with sugar, high fructose corn syrup and artificial colors and flavors. Watch the video below! First, you should know […]

Egg Muffin Recipe from My Diet is Better Than Yours

A lot of you were asking, so I’m giving it to you! My egg muffin recipe, that is. These tasty egg muffins are like mini quiches without the crust, therefore, making them gluten-free. Each muffin has about 8 grams of protein and only about 100 calories, making them a great snack to balance blood sugar […]