The Art of Badassery


If you could use a boost of badassery in your life, look no further than The Art of Badassery. Jenn Cassetta is your ultimate hype woman and she’s here to shout it from the rooftops that it is your birthright to feel like a badass.

As a professional keynote speaker, high performance coach, self defense expert and author of The Art of Badassery: Unleash Your Mojo With Wisdom of the Dojo, she’ll be dropping truth bombs on all the ways to feel strong, safe and powerful from the streets to the board.



Listen to my interview with Shanna Adamic, an executive director at Oracle Health Foundation, Director of Social Impact and a correspondent for Oracle Health.
Jenn Cassetta explores the three P’s to create a badass morning routine that will make you feel energized and begin your day intentionally.
Listen to my interview with Dr. Shefali Tsabary, a clinical psychologist from Columbia University, is renowned for blending Western psychology and Eastern philosophy to transform lives.
Karen A. Clark, a true black belt in badassery and a powerhouse of confidence and resilience. With an incredible journey from being one of the shyest kids to becoming a dynamic public speaker, Karen’s story is nothing short of inspiring. Her path wasn’t easy—she faced significant challenges, including the unexpected loss of her husband and the trials of parenting and professional life. Yet, Karen transformed these adversities into strengths, ultimately helping others find their own voices. In this episode, we’ll delve into how she built her unshakable confidence, the powerful impact of her work in confidence coaching and breathwork, and her mission to help women remember their true selves. Get ready to be inspired and empowered by Karen’s journey and insights!
Feeling stuck and not reaching your full potential? This episode is your roadmap to unlocking a life of purpose and achievement! Join Jenniffer Cassetta as she chats with Amanda Robbins, co-founder of Performance Coach University (PCU). Amanda shares her inspiring journey from personal development newbie to passionate entrepreneur, all thanks to the powerful impact of coaching. Discover how PCU can equip you to not only reach your goals but also make a positive difference in the world. Also learn how to navigate personal growth alongside loved ones, even if they’re not on the same path. Get ready to be empowered, inspired, and equipped to live your best life!
Is life throwing you curveballs? Learn to be your own coach. This episode of The Art of Badassery equips you with powerful self-coaching tools to navigate life’s unexpected challenges. Join host Jen Cassetta as she shares a vulnerable story of overcoming a personal hurdle.
Listen to my interview with Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani an author of transformational programs – 7 Days To Happiness, Live By Your Own Rules, 10 Questions for Self-Love, and From Awesome to Flawesome.
Motivational speaker Judi Holler explains why you need to holler at your dreams to will them into existence and manifest the life that you want and deserve.

#12 The 6 Habits Of High Performance With Jenn Cassetta

Solo episode with Jenn Cassetta
Listen to my interview with Neeta Jain, an Engineer turned board-certified Health Coach (NBC-HWC), who supports ambitious women to shatter glass ceilings without breaking down their bodies and minds.
Listen to my interview with Melanie Curtis, a world record pro skydiver, keynote speaker, coach, author and activist.
Jenn Cassetta sits down with Andrea Owen, author of Make Some Noise: Speak Your Mind and Own Your Strength, who gives you an invitation to change your life.
Guided mental exercises to create a compelling future vision.
Tune in to hear Lisa’s framework for building radical confidence no matter what your goals are.