Emotional Self Defense From the Streets to the Boardroom

Self defense isn’t always about physically defending yourself. Self defense starts in the mind. Workplace harassment and sexual assault have both made huge headlines recently; but it’s not just typical bullying and assault that we need to protect ourselves from. In order to preserve your power and positivity on a daily basis, we need to […]

Should You Intervene When Someone is Being Verbally Attacked?

Great question! I am so glad I was included in this article in The Chicago Tribune in their Social Graces  column. The idea was sparked after this video of a woman berating another woman working at a Michael’s store went viral. You see someone being verbally attacked in public over political beliefs. Should you intervene […]

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for the Strong, Safe & Sexy Women in Your Life

The holidays are upon us and if you’re anything like me, you have not crossed off all the names on your holiday shopping list yet. If you are looking for the perfect gift for the lady in your life, whether it’s your love, daughter, bestie or office mate, you will find something here for her […]

8 Safety Tips for Realtors

Real estate agents have a great job that offers flexibility, the opportunity to earn a great living and even fun by helping people find the home of their dreams. However, with this job description can come potential danger. Realtors are often in homes with complete strangers while giving an open house or a private showing. […]

NYC Women’s Self Defense Class

Calling all NYC women! After a string of attacks on women while running in broad daylight, a woman’s running group called KIS Performance Team reached out to me to host a night an NYC Women’s Self Defense Class. We’ve planned it and opened it to the public! We are also donated a portion of the proceeds […]

Dads: Self Defense Advice For Your Daughters

I was fortunate to have a Dad who was an ex-NYPD detective. That means when I was growing up, I was taught street smarts and awareness from an early age. It also meant, I couldn’t get away with much! In the following article on Fatherly.com, I give dads my favorite self defense advice for their […]